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Commercial Snow Removal ServicesSnow is certainly an issue that Minnesotans & Wisconsinites are familiar with. From light snow early in the season to blizzards in April, we are quite accustomed to a lot of snow. Plowing or shoveling the driveway can get to be a lot of work and be quite the hassle. The job typically involves noisy, gas-powered snow blowers as well as many different shovels, ice chippers, and bags of salt and sand. Instead of handling all of that on your own, why not hire someone to take care of it for you?

Professional Snow Removal Services offered by White Enterprises is the answer. No longer will you have to deal with the hassle and fatigue that comes with snow removal. We use truck-mounted plows and high quality snow blowers to quickly and efficiently remove snow and ice from your driveways and walkways. We are a capable and reliable snow removal company, and stay that way by using and maintaining top of the line equipment, maintaining high quality customer service, and employing only the most knowledgeable & dedicated professionals.

Snow Removal Services We Offer:

  • Unlimited Snow Removal – Whenever the snow falls we plow your driveway clear of snow. Any areas we can’t reach with the plow, such as walkways, are cleared of snow by snow blowers. Hand shoveling is used to finish the job when needed. You pay a single monthly rate throughout the season. We remove your snow automatically whenever it snows.
  • On-Call Snow Removal – With this service you can call us whenever you need snow removal and pay only for the services you use.
  • Sanding and Salting – Depending on your needs we will also salt or sand to keep your walking areas safe and free of ice.

At White Enterprises we take Snow Removal very seriously. We offer prompt and thorough snow removal so that you don’t have to worry during the long Minnesota & Wisconsin winters. Feel free to give a call today for a free estimate or to set up services at 651-447-3266.

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